DSC07069This program will work at the grassroots level through developing the capacity of fishery and forestry target communities and empower them to claim their rights to access, manage, and sustainably use natural resources. Through the SNC program SK will provide technical support to the target communities and empower them to demand legal registration of their fishery and forestry areas. SK will also provide lawyers to represent them in court where necessary and provide psychological support to their families through social community support. In regard to climate change, SK will focus on practical implementation of knowledge which the target communities have learned in the last 2 years, including climate change adaptation, climate change resilience, and disaster risk reduction. This program will engage the target communities to advocate for inclusion of climate change in the Communal Investment Plans (CIPs). Lastly, the good governance component, which was set as a main program, will change its focus from monitoring general public service delivery to public services in NRM. This includes specifically only four main elements out of nine good governance elements which are accountability, participation, transparency and responsiveness.