DSC06825This program is the Natural Resource Governance (NRG) will focus on policy compliance at the national level. This program will engage in conducting studies and research and findings from these will be brought for dialogue with decision makers and stakeholders, shared through workshops, mass media, social media and websites and so forth. This program will also act as a mediator who takes the issues/problems intractable at the grassroots level to discuss with the policy makers, government leaders, and donor communities and other stakeholders at the national and international levels. This program will also play an important role to monitor whether the state and the companies comply with the regulations and laws in regard to Social Land Concessions (SLCs), Economic Land Concessions (ELCs), the land, forestry, fishery management and which support is given to women to access to NRM, especially to secure their right to land.

At the grassroots level, the program tries to improve the behavior of the public officers to be more transparent, accountable, and timely in public services ‘delivery. From 2015 on, SK will focus on the good governance in natural resources. The Citizens’ Score Cards (CSCs) / Citizens’ Report Cards (CRCs) tools will be used by the direct beneficiaries for their rating on the quality of services on natural resources, provided by the public officers and the relevant authorities’ performance.

Increased capacity and engagement of the target groups in watchdog activities to demand the duty bearers to comply with the regulations and laws in regard to SLCs, ELCs, land, forestry, and fishery.