STAR Kampuchea (SK) is a Cambodian non-profit and non-partisan organization. It was established and officially recognized by the Ministry of Interior on August 1st, 1997.  SK has received funds from ANGOC, ANSA– EAP, BfdW, British Embassy, CIVICUS, Danida, DCA, DPA, Forum Syd, ILC, Netherland Embassy, NPA, Oxfam GB, Oxfam HK, SEACA, TAF, WB, and ZFD.

Since it’s inception, SK is dedicated to building democracy by strengthening civil society. In 2004 STAR Kampuchea was honored with an award for Civil Society Development by the “World Association of NGOs “, (WANGO), based in Washington  D.C., USA. The World Association of Non-Government Organizations (WANGO) explained its decision to choose STAR Kampuchea as follows: "Through its numerous programs, including the development of an NGO Code of Ethics, STAR Kampuchea has been at the forefront of improving the coordination, effectiveness and credibility of NGOs and tackling issues of critical importance to the civil society sector and the people of Cambodia. In taking the decision to present STAR Kampuchea with the WANGO Civil Society Development Award 2004, its inaugural award in this category, the WANGO International Council recognizes these many remarkable achievements and the continuing and outstanding and sacrificial services of STAR Kampuchea towards improving the civil society sector in Cambodia."

In recent years, SK shifted it’s strategy from working with local NGO’s to direct support for target communities which are suffering from natural resource conflicts like land-grabbing and land rights abuses. Through capacity building and legal services, SK has become a unique  NGO, which is able to empower the target communes to  be dynamic and synergic to claim their equal rights to sustainable management of natural resources.