DSC05972STAR Kampuchea is a Cambodian non-profit and non-partisan organization. It was established in August 1997 by a group of 14 men and women who were former staff of the Federation of Ponleu Khmer. Since its creation, STAR Kampuchea is dedicated to building democracy by strengthening civil society. STAR Kampuchea has become a well-known and respected organization with a solid reputation among civil society organizations, government bodies and donors. In 2004, the organization was internationally honored with the WANGO Civil Society Development Award. STAR Kampuchea has been at the forefront of improving the coordination, effectiveness and credibility of NGOs and tackling issues of critical importance to the civil society sector and the people of Cambodia.” 

STAR Kampuchea has initially focused on access to land in order to improve livelihoods of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Cambodia. The background of this decision was the opinion that access to land issues massively slow down poverty reduction and cause social instability. In turn, access to land and other natural resources is the most important factor in order to improve the people’s livelihood. Thanks to this initiative,

STAR Kampuchea has achieved an excellent reputation with the public and the international donor community. In 2012 SK shifted its strategy from financially supporting NGO- and partner networks to directly supporting land-, fishery and forestry - communities. Hence, SK has embarked on a far-reaching restructuring process which is transforming its internal structure, focusing on its target groups.In the next three years (2014-2016), SK’s focus will remain on the same thematic area, which is Natural Resource Management. In the sense of results-oriented and participatory approaches to address problems, SK’s strategy is set to be more connected from the grassroots level to the national, regional and international level. Under this strategy, SK will have three main programs